Water Leisure Service Platform

YiHong Yachts Investment Co., Ltd. is a leading domestic and internationally renowned yachts manufacturer with completely independent intellectual property rights, integrating high-end equipment product design, research and development, production, sales, operation and service.

At the same time, it provides customers with creative tourism industry chain operators covering design and development, manufacturing, yachts club operation and management.


YiHong Yachts is an innovative and high-quality lifestyle comprehensive service provider with a multi-brand matrix, focusing on the waterfront leisure industry, leading a sustainable and beautiful lifestyle as its development direction.


YiHong Yachts takes "creating a healthier, more comfortable and sustainable waterfront leisure lifestyle" as its action target, and leads the overall situation with a global vision, open thinking and innovative spirit.


Strong independent R&D, design and innovation capabilities make Yihong a leading enterprise with core competitiveness in the industry

Yihong Design Institute has a number of Italian yacht designers and interior architects, and is a professional design team for yachts, hotels and real estate. The strong engineering and technical support of foreign industrial design experts, the personal guidance of Italian designers with extraordinary accomplishments in China and senior domestic designers make the domestic ships show world-class quality and exquisite craftsmanship while being competitive in the market. The yachts design master Michele Cadore, who is a well-known yacht designer in the world, led the ITALIA YACHT TEAM yacht design and technical team to land in China, and started an exemplary cooperation with Yihong Group, a leading and powerful enterprise in China's yacht manufacturing industry. Combining the pure Italian design concept and artistic inspiration with the construction technology of Yihong Group and its superb craftsmanship value, it aims to launch luxury yachts with high aesthetic value and technical content for the international market.


More than 1,400 meters of coastline and 29.37 hectares of sea area use rights

Zhangzhou Yihong Vehicle and Boat Industrial Park (vehicle production base and R&D center) is located on the coast of the South China Sea, covering a total area of 275 acres and a production area of 670,000 square meters. At the same time, it has more than 1,400 meters of coastline and 29.37 hectares of sea area use rights, and has an annual production capacity of 300 yachts and 3,000 RVs. The annual output value is about 1 billion yuan.