68 Feet E-Yachts

The Clean, Green Electric Yacht. The new E-Stella 68 ft yacht is fully electric-powered. Through years of extensive R&D, YiHong Yachts has achieved this remarkable feat, adopting clean energy in yachting without sacrificing power.

About E-Stella

Unbounded Style - The unbounded style adopts the direct embodiment of the minimalist design aesthetics of "simple, flexible and inclusive" in the design of the ship, presenting a natural and sustainable style, and making the design part of the intelligent interaction.

Unbounded Experience - The design concept of scene-based "unbounded" customization, realizes ecological interaction and ecosystem empowerment. It has created an ecosystem covering the whole scene of the shipowner's life on the water, linking everyone's life with multi-faceted services, bringing new experiences to customers, and making the life on the water more unique and enjoyable.

Unbounded Ecology - "cross-border integration, unbounded ecology, reshape value, empower each other", create a cross-border integration platform, empower and aggregate ecology, and form a new model of unbounded ecology. "Connection, coordination and linkage", to create an unbounded ecosystem, a three-dimensional composite living field, and an unbounded field to provide a new answer for a sustainable and better life, explore a new way of life, and go from crossing boundaries to breaking boundaries, to boundaries.

Product Layout

Side View

Main Deck

Accommodation Plan

Exterior& Interior Details


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