Aquitalia 85 Feet

The temperament of an 85-foot yacht combines classic yacht styles with fluid mechanics. Excellent sailing ability and comfortable riding experience. There is both the passion of riding the wind and waves, and there is a calm and unhurried temperament, elegant and gorgeous.

About Aquitalia

AQUITALIA is a high-end line product in Yihong Group. It was originally an Italian designer brand and was acquired by Yihong Group in 2010. The AQUITALIA logo incorporates elements such as a crown, a harp, an angel's pen, and the tip of the pen in the shape of a boat's bow inserted into the ripples in the water. AQUITALIA condenses the trend-leading design ideas and leading engineering technology, directly and completely interprets the concept of art, technology and rationality that the AQUITALIA brand wants to present, and is a model of the perfect combination of art and engineering.

With dynamic design, extraordinary craftsmanship, excellent quality and high-end configuration, the connection between the spacious space on board and the surrounding ocean, AQUITALIA responds to all expectations of shipowners for ocean life, and provides shipowners with the most peace of mind and comfort. At the same time, the meaning given to AQUITALIA has gone far beyond the yacht itself. It represents a high-end lifestyle and transcends the boundaries of time and space. In the splendid yacht world, it plays a vast, profound and agile song.

Product Layout

Side View

Main Deck

Accommodation Plan

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