Sea Stella 42 feet

The 42-foot Inner Lake Boat is a water-based boat that has been carefully crafted for water projects. The gentle shape of this cruise ship flows with pure Italian ancestry, the design style and configuration facilities are closer to the casual lifestyle, and the strong passenger carrying capacity and comfortable sailing performance are the deserved examples of cruise ship projects.

About Sea-Stella

Stella has the meaning of "star" in Latin, and it also means good things. The brand has always taken "people-oriented" as the brand concept and "customer-oriented" as the service concept to create the best customer experience. Combining the space, comfort, performance and efficiency of yachts is the concept theme of "Castler" that has always been on the market.

Sea-Stella follows the design concept of people-oriented and the perfect combination of leading technology and artistic temperament. While focusing on the fashionable appearance of products, it is committed to creating a brand appeal of "limited space, unlimited possibilities". The yacht integrates the Italian yacht design concept and domestic skilled and exquisite manufacturing technology, combines perfect comfort, high reliability and excellent modern design concept, excellent performance, comfort, ease of operation, safety, fashion, The perfect combination of innovation and high quality shows the unique charm of the "Cis Delai" series. At the same time, CSTRAY is also a product belonging to the "future", which means the reshaping and reimagining of the aquatic lifestyle.

Product Layout

Side View

Main Deck

Exterior& Interior Details


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