Aquitalia Officially Partners with LKW Pavic to Expand Global Sales Strategy in Europe!

Aquitalia Officially Partners with LKW Pavic to Expand Global Sales Strategy in Europe!


LKW Pavic Officially Becomes Exclusive Distributor for Aquitalia Yachts in Europe


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Aquitalia, a subsidiary of luxury yacht brand under Yihong Group and known as "水神" in Chinese, is proud to announce its official collaboration with LKW Pavic. This landmark partnership signifies a significant milestone in Aquitalia's expansion strategy as it embarks on a journey to further solidify its presence in the European market. 

 This partnership marks a pivotal moment in Aquitalia's global sales strategy, with LKW Pavic assuming the role of the exclusive distributor for Aquitalia Yachts in the European region, responsible for promotion and sales.

Aquitalia and LKW Pavic will united to integrate its high-quality resources, pledging to deliver services of unparalleled quality and efficiency. The objective is clear: to provide European yacht owners with an elevated standard of excellence in service.

LKW Pavic is a prominent European company specializing in truck modification and sales, distinguished by its comprehensive sales network throughout the European region, a portfolio of high-quality channels, and an unmatched ability to navigate complex market dynamics and provide top-notch service. The decision to collaborate with Aquitalia's "水神" series underscores the Aquitalia Yachts' technical innovation and product competitiveness.

This powerful alliance underscores Yihong Yachts' unwavering commitment to consolidating and expanding our presence in the European market, as well as to deepen its roots in the European boating market.

Looking ahead, Yihong Yachts remains dedicated to its core mission of "building a high-quality enterprise." Leveraging the advantages of both the Chinese and European markets in terms of technology, research and development, design, and more, the company is poised to tap into the strengths of its partners' extensive distribution channels, continually enhancing its global operational capabilities. Yihong is set to embrace a future of even greater growth and success.  




Aquitalia, a subsidiary of Luxury yacht brand under Yihong Group, is a renowned yacht manufacturer known for its high-quality watercraft and commitment to innovation. Under the brand name "水神," Aquitalia is recognized for its exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to delivering world-class yachts to the global market.





LKW Pavic is a prominent European company  specializing in truck modification and sales. With an extensive sales network, high-quality channels, and exceptional market integration and service capabilities, LKW Pavic is a trusted partner in the transportation industry.



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