Bye 2022, Hello 2023!

Bye 2022, Hello 2023!

To 2022: Endeavor is the most beautiful farewell!

Set sail for the Dream, Embrace 2023!


In 2022, in a complex economic environment, Yihong Yachts has achieved a phased breakthrough, constantly strengthening the core industry of boat manufacturing to upgrade development level and in-depth layout, grasping new opportunities to achieve new breakthroughs, implementing a series of innovative development measures, further strengthening industrial collaboration, and achieving rapid development in brand marketing and other layout.


Benchmark projects: 

1、The Pujiang 41 Meters: new energy cruise ship completed this year has established a good reputation in the industry for Yihong's high-end cruise ship design and production case.

2、The success of the Aquitalia 78ft luxury yacht development, for Yi Hong to lay the groundwork for the next boom, but also for the interior of the further upgrade, product positioning has done a very good foundation.



3、Mars Peninsula - New Benchmarking project of Coastal Cultural Tourism

In 2022, the Mars Peninsula · Yihong Boating Industry Cultural Experience Center, a cultural and tourism complex dedicated to the future of island life and industrial innovation, was officially inaugurated and opened. This also marks the future Yihong will speed up the development of new energy, intelligence, internationalization and other aspects, and strive to create a leader in the creation of waterfront leisure industry, the new benchmark of domestic waterfront leisure industry.



Embracing Digital Marketing:

In 2022, Yihong Yacht completed the upgrading of the marketing mode: for domestic market -- in the mainstream new media such as WeChat Video account, Douyin, Bilibili, increase the marketing matrix layout, open the whole network of new media marketing mode, based on the digital platform, realize the communication between online and offline, and build a marketing network system conforming to the development of the new era.
On the other hand, in order to further enhance the influence of Yihong Yachts in overseas markets, explore new potential customers, improve the efficiency of customer acquisition, we have officially launched the overseas network marketing layout this year. Through the overseas official website of Yihong Yachts( and overseas mainstream social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, the brand marketing matrix is created, the new digital marketing is perfected, and the brand marketing system of online and offline interaction is constructed, so as to convey the brand concept of Yihong Yachts to overseas consumers and enhance the brand awareness of Yihong Yachts overseas. We will help overseas countries achieve high-quality leapfrog development.


Team building in reinforcement:

In 2022, the "Product Center" was established to focus on strengthening the production system and quality improvement, providing a strong guarantee for the company to achieve "Industry 4.0" and sustainable and steady development in 2023.


Production centers are constantly being upgraded:

In 2022, Yihong Yachts will intensify research and development from two aspects. First, it is the research and development of new energy yachts. In October, it launched the first 68-foot new energy electric yacht in China. 


On the other hand, it has completed the research and development of modular assembly, which has comprehensively improved the stability of the whole product and the utilization rate of materials through the realization of automated production, thus also improving the core competitiveness of Yihong Yachts. 



Yihong Yachts attaches great importance to the research and development of boat technology and has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise for many years. 



In terms of the research and development of new products such as electric boats, Yihong Yachts has also won the support of the government and other parties, such as the third batch of electric Fujian Construction special funds, Zhangzhou City Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, municipal Finance Bureau, cooperative universities and other parties. It further promotes the high quality development of Yihong Yachts in terms of sustainable innovation.