Aquitalia Yachts Partners with Raffles Yacht to Accelerate Southeast Asia Expansion!

Aquitalia Yachts Partners with Raffles Yacht to Accelerate Southeast Asia Expansion!

Aquitalia Yachts, known as "水神/Shuishen" in Chinese, a distinguished luxury yacht brand under the esteemed Yihong Group, has recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Singapore's Raffles Yacht Pte Ltd, marking a significant milestone in their joint effort to tap into the vibrant Southeast Asian market.

As a leading player in the yacht sales industry, Raffles Yacht Pte Ltd will proudly assume the role of the exclusive distributor for Aquitalia Yachts in the Southeast Asian region. This collaboration strategically combines Yihong Yachts' design, manufacturing, technical research, and innovative craftsmanship expertise with Raffles Yacht's established sales strength in the Southeast Asian market, aiming to jointly promote the Aquitalia Yachts brand and drive product sales in the region.

The partnership aims to deliver premium and sophisticated yacht choices to ship owners in Southeast Asia while offering exceptional service and marine products to consumers in the region.

The roots of collaboration between Yihong Yachts and Raffles Yacht can be traced back to 2019, and over the years, we have maintained a close and fruitful working relationship. With the signing of this cooperation agreement, Aquitalia Yachts transitions from market promotion to a substantive phase of brand elevation and sales in the Southeast Asian market.

Furthermore, the partnership's geographic scope will expand from Singapore to encompass the entire Southeast Asian market, signifying a deep commitment to exploring and expanding in the region.

Since 2020, Yihong Yachts has been actively transforming its global strategy from planning to implementation. The partnership with Raffles Yacht represents another significant stride in Yihong Yachts' endeavor to expand its global presence.

Anticipation builds as the inaugural showcase of the Aquitalia 68', a best-selling model, is scheduled for the first half of 2024 in Singapore. This event promises to showcase the captivating allure of China's ingenuity and craftsmanship, encapsulating the essence of "制 (智) 造" (crafting with intelligence).

We are elated to witness the commencement of this momentous partnership with Raffles Yacht. Together, we shall set sail towards unprecedented success, introducing a new era of luxury yachting in Southeast Asia.

This collaboration marks a pivotal chapter in the story of Aquitalia Yachts and Raffles Yacht, a story that reflects dedication to excellence, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to delivering extraordinary experiences on the high seas.

_____ Aquitalia Yachts:
Aquitalia Yachts is a distinguished luxury yacht manufacturer committed to creating visionary vessels that epitomize elegance and technological excellence in China.
_____ Raffles Yacht Pte Ltd:
Raffles Yacht Pte Ltd is a reputable yacht sales company in Singapore, renowned for its unparalleled expertise in yacht sales and unrivaled customer service.

Yihong Yacht's 68ft Aquitalia Yacht_Salon

Yihong Yacht's 68ft Aquitalia Yacht_Dining

Yihong Yacht's 68ft Aquitalia Yacht_Bedroom

Yihong Yacht's 68ft Aquitalia Yacht_Bedroom


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