Yihong Yachts and DuBose Industries, Inc. Forge Partnership to Expand North American Market!

Yihong Yachts' Aquitalia 78-foot Luxury Motor Yacht

Yihong Yachts and DuBose Industries, Inc.

Forge Partnership to Expand North American Market


Aquitalia 78-foot

Unveiling New Horizons in Foreign Markets:

Yihong Yachts and DuBose Industries, Inc. Forge a Exclusive Distribution Partnership for the North American Region.


In a bold move to seize the abundant opportunities presented by international markets, Yihong Yachts has proudly announced a strategic distribution partnership with DuBose Industries, a renowned North American leader in large-scale steel and organic glass manufacturing and trade. This landmark agreement, centered around Aquatic Deities Yachts, marks a pivotal step towards mutual empowerment and market expansion.

The collaboration entails a robust exchange of resources, a comprehensive strategic upgrade, and a shared commitment to cultivate the North American yacht market. Together, we are poised to craft elevated aquatic lifestyle solutions, fostering a global clientele's pursuit of a more extraordinary life on the water through a dual approach: a globally orchestrated business layout complemented by locally tailored solutions. 

Deeper Cooperation for Market Expansion, Jointly Venturing into the North American Market!

Aquitalia 78-foot


The recent signing of the distribution partnership agreement with DuBose Industries for the North American region signifies a resounding milestone in the intensified collaboration between Yihong Yachts and its esteemed North American counterpart. Anchored in a shared appreciation of Aquatic Deities Yachts' brand philosophy and an unwavering recognition of Yihong's proficiency in producing premium, dependable products and innovative solutions, this alliance encompasses joint efforts spanning from yacht product development to channel marketing.

With a mutual belief in the tremendous potential unlocked by their profound synergy, both entities are committed to fostering substantial leaps in innovation and expansion. The outcome of this collaboration promises to manifest in the creation of a new echelon of competitively superior global products and a more comprehensive, enriched aquatic ecosystem experience.

Strengthening and Expanding in the North American Market: A Strategic Move by Yihong Yachts

The robust partnership between Yihong Yachts and DuBose Industries not only reinforces the former's foothold but also charts an exciting trajectory for further expansion in the North American market. This strategic move is poised to deepen Yihong Yachts' presence in the maritime landscape and carve a distinct niche within the North American boating industry.

Pioneering the Future: Empowering a Sustainable and Intelligent Yachting Industry

Looking ahead, Yihong Yachts remains steadfast in its commitment to realizing its "Ecological Empowerment" strategy.  By closely partnering with allies, the company aims to collectively drive the overall ecological and intelligent advancement of the yacht industry through technological innovation.  This approach is designed to empower global customers to swiftly respond to evolving market demands, thereby propelling sustainable business growth.

As Yihong Yachts and DuBose Industries embark on this synergistic journey, the prospects for an elevated, sustainable, and innovative maritime future are boundless.  Together, we will exemplify a resolute commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences to the clientele worldwide.


About Yihong Yachts:

Yihong Yachts is a leading name in the maritime industry, renowned for its commitment to innovation, quality craftsmanship, and creating unparalleled aquatic lifestyle experiences. With a global perspective and localized solutions, Yihong Yachts is dedicated to transforming the way enthusiasts engage with the water.

About DuBose Industries, Inc.: DuBose Industries, Inc. stands at the forefront of North American steel and organic glass manufacturing and trade. With a history of excellence and a reputation for reliability, DuBose Industries is dedicated to delivering solutions that meet the evolving needs of its diverse clientele.



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