YiHong Yachts won the "2018 Most Fast Growing NEEQ Company" Golden Horn Award

YiHong Yachts won the "2018 Most Fast Growing NEEQ Company" Golden Horn Award

On September 6, 2018, with the theme of "New Ideas and New Patterns", the "2018 NEEQ Summit and the 3rd Golden Horn Award Ceremony" was initiated and hosted by the NEEQ Online, with the National SME Share Transfer System as the guiding unit. "Held at The Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai.

On that day, nearly 1,000 people, including leaders of the NEEQ, representatives of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, economists, corporate chairmen, investment institutions, securities companies, accounting firms, law firm executives and partners, and financial media, gathered together to discuss the NEEQ. Reform new ideas and new patterns of future development, and try to find the best solution for "how to go next".

At the 2018 NEEQ Summit, the "Third Golden Horn Award" grandly presented the top ten NEEQ industry awards. Yihong Yachting was awarded the title of "2018 Most Growing NEEQ Company". It can stand out among many outstanding enterprises. It has been awarded this honor under repeated screening, which is enough to prove that Yihong Yachting's growth has won awards including regulatory agencies, investment institutions, It is widely recognized by the society including mainstream financial media.

The company was established on June 8, 2005. After more than ten years of hard work, the company successfully landed on the National SME Share Transfer System on February 22, 2016. Since its listing on the NEEQ, the company's product quality and service model have gradually been recognized by the majority of users; the scope of customer groups is constantly expanding; the market size has been steadily increasing year by year; the company now has room for considerable development and growth.